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5CloudHost is a new firm with the goal of offering low-cost, high-quality hosting. Since 2012, its parent firm has offered web hosting under many trademarks and corporations. They are not newbies, but they do have a lot of expertise with hosting. 5CloudHost provides five years of high-quality web hosting for the price of one year. Isn’t it just insane? However, I understand that you may have reservations about its quality and the cost of renewal. You may believe they will cut corners or charge the most for renewal. However, 5CloudHost appears to be a promising web hosting company based on the features offered and the reviews and testimonials. Also, the corporation will send you a renewal invoice for the same price you pay now, even if it is after 5 years. As a result, you may relax.


How does it function?

The Cloud’s servers are spread across the United States (Miami, Florida and Dallas, Texas) and Europe (Manchester, United Kingdom, Frankfurt, Germany, The Hague, Netherlands, and Bucharest, Romania). For this campaign, hosting accounts will be provided in Dallas or Bucharest; you should select the location that is nearest to your consumers.

Hundreds of thousands of websites are hosted by their parent corporation. They know how many resources the average client will consume and ensure that they have the infrastructure and personnel to manage significantly more. They understand how much it costs to provide a premium service with exceptional customer care, and they earn a reasonable margin to guarantee that they can continue to provide this service.

5CloudHost is not for clients who need to be on a VPS or a dedicated server. To be honest, this service is still not for you if you have more than 20 WordPress websites with heavy plugins, jobs are scheduled every 2 minutes, or you are continually scraping hundreds of pages.

This service is intended for users who will not misuse the resources. Please do yourself a favor and go buy a VPS. They employ CloudLinux to separate their shared hosting accounts in order to keep this misuse from slowing down their servers.

This Hosting Is Great For…

Product Release:

The Superfast Cloud Server, Cloudflare, and High Security Integration ensure that even the most powerful product is launched without a single technical problem.

Affiliate Marketing Specialist:

They understand how affiliate marketing works and how difficult issues may be. They will investigate external affiliate sites, blogs, and e-mail marketing. Their inexpensive one-time expense for five-years of hosting make it much easier to cope with your monthly costs and maximize your profits. (We use and love them)


Features & Services

Servers and high-performance hardware:

5CloudHost offers a powerful server that has a 40-core Intel Xeon CPU, 128 GB of RAM, RAID-protected SSD storage, and 10 Gbps Internet access. Apache also supports a custom web server setup, which includes PHP7.3, mod http2, phpfpm, mod lsapi, opcache, and MariaDB for MySQL databases. Only use SSD-protected storage. This improves server fault tolerance and read/write rates, speeds up webpages, and allows you to open any website instantaneously.

Secure Infrastructure:

It not only delivers high-performance servers, but also a secure and dependable infrastructure. All of the datacenters on this site are Tier 3 certified. They are all equipped with their own firewall, anti-malware, and anti-virus scanners, which aid in the security of your website. These data centers are located in the United States (Miami, Florida and Dallas, Texas) and Europe (Manchester, United Kingdom, Frankfurt, Germany, The Hague, Netherlands, and Bucharest, Romania). The good news is that you may select any datacenter (in the United States or Europe) based on your traffic patterns.
Cloudflare CDN with one-click WordPress installation

Without a question, WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market. 5CloudHost allows you to install WordPress with only a single click. In addition, it supports 450 additional online applications. Even most of your own custom-made applications will operate on this hosting platform. Also, because 5CloudHost is a CloudFlare Optimized partner, you may enable Cloudflare’s CDN with a single click from your cPanel account. Cloudflare accelerates and quickly loads your website.

SSL Certificates Are Available For Free

SSL (HTTPS) has become a critical component of every website. SSL-enabled websites are thought to be more safe and secure, and their visitors are more likely to trust them. Several search engine algorithms also place a premium on SSL-enabled websites over non-SSL-enabled sites. 5CloudHost offers free SSL certificates, which is an added bonus for using this hosting service.

Backups on a daily basis

Backups are vital in addition to security. Of course, no one wants to be in a situation where their efforts are in vain. But they don’t know what may happen to our website; it could be hacked, crashed, or attacked by another attacker. As a result, we must make backups of our website on a regular basis, which can be time-consuming, or we risk missing them and discovering it only after our site has been harmed. This is where 5CloudHost comes in. It makes a backup of your website every day and stores your information in a secure location so that you may restore your backup files whenever you like.


Currently, three options are accessible to clients, including;

  • Cloud Starter $47
  • Cloud Business $97
  • Cloud Enterprise $147 <– We use this 🙂



Choosing a web hosting company is one of the most vital and significant decisions you’ll ever make, especially if you’re just starting out in the internet world. As a result, take your time. Examine the business’s culture and choose a web hosting company that is invested in your success, particularly one that assists you in deploying your website on their lightning-fast, easy-to-use, secure, and dependable platform with enterprise servers managed by cPanel.
5CloudHost was created for company owners who are fed up with paying exorbitant monthly rates for sluggish web hosting. The firm offers you the chance to receive 5 years of fast web hosting for a fraction of the cost of a year with other providers. We use them and strongly recommend you do to, so go check them out today and start saving!

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