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Many professional SEOs start by doing an SEO auditing to learn about the site’s health, content, keyword rankings, etc. Auditing is one of the most important SEO techniques for determining how well a website works with search engines. SEO audit tools can be used in many ways. For example, you can use them to analyze and improve the content on your site, check the structure of your URLs, and more. These tools will tell you what to do to rank your site higher in Google’s search results.

7 Best SEO Auditing Tools To Improve Website Optimization
7 Best SEO Auditing Tools To Improve Website Optimization


AhRefs is the complete SEO tool. Both small businesses and big names use it in digital marketing. AhRefs is also a tool for both on-page and off-page SEO auditing. This SEO checker can help your website improve Google’s search results by finding broken links, technical problems, and poor meta descriptions.

Those critical about search engine optimization can use AhRefs to do a good SEO audit. With this tool, you can enhance your site by speeding up pages, getting more organic traffic, doing a full website analysis, and using structured data. The site SEO auditing tool gives you SEO tips for each page, rankings similar to Google Analytics, and a backlink analysis that you can use to plan your link-building campaigns.

AhRefs is one of the most advanced online marketing tools to help your website appear higher in search results. It has more data points than free tools like Google Search Console and checks for 100s of technical problems. It has tools like a site explorer, keywords explorer, rank tracker, content explorer, and the site audit tool.

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SEMRush is one of the complete SEO tools out there, and you can use it to do a technical audit of your websites quickly and easily. This tool has many features, such as organic keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink audits, traffic analytics, etc.

SEMRush has a tool called Site Audit that runs a technical SEO audit to check the health of a site and do other things. This tool looks at crawlability, HTTPS errors, linking, AMP problems, etc. It looks at more than 130 technical and SEO mistakes and tells you how to fix them to get higher search results.

On SEMRush, you can also use a few different tools to do an SEO audit of your site. Their backlink gap tool can tell you what backlinks your competitors have that your site doesn’t. A domain vs. domain tool compares two websites side by side, looking for keyword gaps and other information. SEMRush can do a lot, so it’s a great choice if you want to check your website.

SEO Surfer

Surfer SEO is not used to check the SEO rankings of an entire website. Instead, it is used to check the SEO rankings of individual pages. This smart tool is very easy to use, and it breaks down suggestions for page changes one at a time. Surfer SEO is a great tool for making changes to your on-page content based on an analysis of data to improve your rankings.

Surfer SEO equates your page to the top SERPs pages for the keyword you’re trying to rank for. Compare your website pages to those of other sites to find out what you can change to rank higher than them. Surfer looks at keywords and keyword research, headers, image elements, LSI, NLP, site speed, backlinks, etc.

Surfer SEO helps you audit each page for search engines by comparing it to the best pages on your site. It also has tools for researching content, a SERP analyzer, and a content editor that gives you SEO tips as you write content for your site.


SpyFu is a cheap and easy-to-use SEO auditing tool that is also very good. This tool lets you look at your competitors’ past data, such as their rankings, paid search information, keywords, and ad variations. It is a great way to find out about competitors from an SEO, ad, and keyword point of view. It can also be used to check how well your SEO is doing.

SpyFu has a lot of tools, and some of them can be used to check how well your website works. SpyFu can be used for competitive analysis, keyword research, link-building audits, domain comparisons, rank monitoring, etc. Their tools are grouped into different categories, such as SEO, PPC, keywords, etc.

SpyFu’s SEO reports are one of the best ways to check your website’s SEO because they give you a detailed look at how it works. Make a custom report with the most important metrics for your website. The SERP checker is another tool to check how well a single page ranks for its target keywords.

Cora SEO

Cora SEO from SEO Tool Experiment is a great tool for a thorough SEO performance audit of your website. This diagnostic tool looks at 2040 ranking factors and gives direct suggestions based on its findings. Cora automatically adjusts to Google’s changes, so its software is re-aligned when there is a change in the algorithm. Cora’s tool is based on a direct mathematical analysis of Google SERPs, while other tools use the same formulas. 

This helps to find out, based on real results, what factors are most important for Google rankings. Cora also has Cora Diff and Cora Trends, two more tools. Cora Diff looks at how your rankings changed after a Google update. This lets you see which rankings changed and figure out how to fix your pages. Cora Trends helps you figure out what a group of keywords all have in common so that you can fine-tune a large number of pages that are related.


RavenTools is an SEO tool that does a lot. This software can do a full site audit and label any on-page or off-page problems with your site based on how important they are. This tool automates full marketing reports and lets agencies with clients choose between white-label reports and reports with their branding. Their reports include web analytics, PPC, SEO, email, phone tracking, social media, etc.

The website auditor from RavenTools can find problems on your site and help you make it more visible. Find things like page errors, redirects, robots.txt files, malware, etc. RavenTools has audit reports for visibility issues, meta problems, content issues, link issues, image problems, and semantic issues. 

Any of these has its own set of metrics to look at. It is a strong auditing tool. RavenTools also has a competitor domain research tool, a SERP tracker, a keyword tracker, a research tool, a backlink checker, a link spy, and a social media tool. Considering its many features, this comprehensive tool isn’t too expensive.


WooRank is a tool that checks and audits a site’s SEO. It can give your website an SEO score out of 100 to show how well it works overall, considering SEO, social media, usability, etc. This full website analysis tool lets you make branded reports for your website so you can share data with clients or your executive team.

WooRank also gives you a competitive analysis, which shows you what keywords you may be missing by comparing your website to your competitors. Their keyword tool lets you keep track of your keywords and where they rank, both nationally and locally. WooRank’s Site Crawl tool looks at your website to find technical and SEO problems that an untrained eye might miss. Find and fix site problems like HTTP errors, indexing errors, duplicate content, etc.

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