About TWS


With all the info available online, some great, some confusing, and some just plain outdated I thought it was time to bring a fresh view.

My name is Roland, and I have been in the web development world since the good ol’ days of dial-up. As the age of this domain will show because it was my very first company. Totallywebsites was established in 1999, yes, you read that right, so needless to say I have been around the block and am happy to say even made it through the internet bubble burst and even Y2K. For those reading this and have no idea what that is, please don’t tell me.. lol

Let me get straight to the point here. My only mission is to provide solid tips and resources that I have either worked with personally or for a client and honestly simply, no-nonsense reviews around the topics at hand.

I will look to break down all things in the digital world we live in, with the hopes of making it easier for you. The business owner, stay-at-home mom or dad, or even the newest online looking to start a blog or a business.

The items discussed here will cover topics like, how to start a website, why do I need hosting, how do I get a domain, what’s SEO, email marketing, and a ton more.

So please read and enjoy and ask any questions along the way.

To your success,