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Digistore24 Alternatives
Digistore24 Alternatives

Digistore24 Alternatives: Today, Digistore24 is seen as one of the best affiliate programs online because it has a wide range of products and high payout rates. Top affiliates can earn up to 70% in commissions. It’s a good thing that Digistore24 isn’t the only name out there. Affiliate marketing has reached new heights because there are alternatives to Digistore24. Here are some stores that are just as good as Digistore24.

Digistore24 Alternatives

CJ Affiliate

Some of the biggest affiliate programs are ones like CJ Affiliate. Millions of companies, products, brands, and services can be advertised online on this site. They sell a wide range of things, from tech gadgets to pet supplies and even restaurants. Some of the brands shown are Barnes & Noble, J. Crew, and Office Depot. Each program has a different commission.

Like Rakuten, CJ makes you fill out an application for every offer. Even if you’ve been accepted into the network, you still have to do this step. This can be very hard to do if you’re not used to it. CJ is still the best choice for buyers because it has access to all the big brands. This affiliate network, which doesn’t advertise anywhere else, is used by many high-end brands.


ShareASale is a site that is like Digistore24. Affiliates can advertise thousands of products, brands, and other websites. This site has a good reputation for being honest and has a high payout rate. They work for companies like Reebok, Etsy, and Sally Beauty. The commissions depend on the program. You can find almost any physical product you want to sell as an affiliate offer.

Viator, WP Engine, and WP Engine work for the NBA Store. ShareASale’s rules say that affiliates with low balances may be kicked out if they don’t do well. Not every sign is given. If you wish to market physical goods, you should use ShareASale. Because there are so many affiliates offers on this network, it is often thought of as an alternative to Amazon.

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Affiliate Window

Like the other Digistore24 alternatives, Affiliate Window lets affiliates promote thousands of products and services online. Also, Affiliate Window lets affiliates with different levels of experience participate in a market that is open to people worldwide. Affiliate Window has big brands like Under Armour, Burton, and HP as its clients.


Rakuten has a program for affiliates that are very well thought out. They also give affiliates an easy-to-use dashboard that shows information about earnings, clicks, and conversions. For the last eight years, this affiliate network has been chosen as the best by mThink. This rule has one exception: this affiliate marketing network focuses on physical goods and only pays commissions for direct sales. 

On a different network, you might be able to choose between information products and physical ones. This network also has a more complicated way for affiliates to sign up than other networks. Your website needs to be popular if you want to get advertisers. More information needs to be gathered, so the process takes longer. After you’ve joined, you have to apply for each affiliate offer separately.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a great place to start because it is one of the biggest affiliate programs in the world. With so many products to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your niche. You can promote anything as long as you are part of their affiliate program. The percentage of each sale that Amazon gives as a commission ranges from 1% to 10%. 

Commissions are based on the type of product. Luxury Beauty, Luxury Stores Beauty, and Amazon Coins pay the most. You can get almost everything you need for your body on Amazon. Even though the commission rates are lower, you can still build a website to sell some of these. Amazon doesn’t let anyone know when it uses its freedom of choice. 

The platform could ban you without giving you a reason. Even though they do a good job and have a good reputation, high-performing affiliates often have trouble staying in business. When you sell physical goods on Amazon, you can sell a wide range of goods, which is beneficial. Products, both digital and physical, are always being advertised.


Affiliate programs like JVZoo have a big affiliate network with 800,000 advertisers actively using it. Through the JVZoo affiliate network, vendors and affiliates can connect. It makes it easier for vendors to get along with each other without the help of higher-ups. This means that vendors can work directly with affiliates and make their promotions however they want.

If you join this network, you’ll be able to use the skills you’ve learned at Digistore24 to make digital offers. The offers can be used with any content you’ve already made for Digistore24 offers. You can get your commissions right away through this network’s unique payment system.

Some affiliate offers are the only ones since the vendor has to turn them on. This network is also great for beginners because it is so friendly. Compared to the other Digistore24 replacements on this list, you won’t have too much trouble getting accepted here. If you join this network, you’ll have access to many tools to help you get going.

Market Health

Market Health, an affiliate marketing company that has been around for years, focuses on the health and beauty niche. This company’s Digistore24 alternative will be different from what we’re used to. Even though its market is small, it still has a lot of things to sell. The company that runs the network also makes some of these health products. Market Health’s main focus of the physical products network is on health products. 

Some of the things shipped directly to consumers are supplements, powders, and creams. Small affiliate networks tend to keep close ties to their partners. Publishers with strong websites can get better rates than on some other networks on this network. Choose this alternative to Digistore24 if you want one-on-one help. This is one of the few affiliate networks that sell its products.


PeerFly is an affiliate network that focuses on CPA offers. It has a good platform for users and carefully chosen offers. You can promote products in various niches, such as health, fashion, eCommerce, etc. There are also B2B offers. Many different affiliate offers and ways to get paid on the network. Some advertisers will be willing to talk about CPS or revenue share deals. In reviews, many PeerFly users have said good things about the platform.

PeerFly made it themselves because it is easy to use and has powerful features. PeerFly is great for CPA marketing and getting leads. You can also try out other offers on the same platform. PeerFly will make it easier to find affiliate deals like these. If you want to advertise, publish, or sell through this network, you must follow its rules. This may be hard for a new affiliate, but if you have some experience, you’ll find that there are fewer low-quality offers.

eBay Partner Network

Like Amazon’s affiliate network, eBay’s affiliate program works differently. Unlike Amazon, eBay gives you money based on how many people visit your site. You might get a better deal or a worse deal depending on the product. Since CPCs are important to eBay, the traffic requirements for its affiliate program are higher than for most other programs. 

Once people begin coming to your website, the rest shouldn’t be too hard. Customers may not buy from your link if the website they go to makes them worry. eBay is a very well-known website with millions of users. Through eBay’s partner network, CPC commissions can be made to sell physical goods. Affiliates can support a wide range of products, and some of them have high commission rates.

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