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What are the tips to make Viral Content?

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We all know that going viral leads to superfast crazy growth. Although there is no exact formula here are some tips for making viral content:

  1. Be sarcastic - Yes, for some this comes easier than others (see what I did there 🙂
  2. Be surprising - Surprising, unexpected, gotcha, goofy
  3. Enlighten the viewer or reader - Provide real tips or value on what you are passionate about. Music, food, sports, movies, money.
  4. Use catchy headlines - Yes, think clickbait - WOW, this actually made me $10 online, or Ohhh my did Elon really just say that!!!
  5. Use sleek visuals - Canva is always our go-to for fast, easy, and free. Yes we pay the extra but you can get going 100% free
  6. Evoke high emotional responses