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About Website Links Count Checker

Why Should We Require A Website Link Count Checker Tool?

If your page has a lot of internal links but not much else, this could lead to spam. Like Panda and Penguin, Google's algorithms look for sites and links with high quality. If your site isn't very good and has a lot of links, it could hurt your rankings.

The best method is to use our tool to find all the links, both inside and outside of the site. Google uses algorithms to figure out which sites with google links are good and trustworthy. If your website doesn't meet the need, its position will drop over time.

If you find a site or web page with few links, it doesn't have good SEO optimization. So you need to make sure you find these pages and follow SEO rules. It's also more important to have relevant internal links for a certain keyword.

Google's algorithm will fix the wrong structure of links. It is an update for pandas and penguins, which will be hard to get back in the long run. So make sure you do a good SEO audit before you put links in the content. Learn something from the SEO experts and join.

Once you've linked all the links that apply to a certain keyword, make sure. You use the site links count checker to see how many links are on a web page. If you have a 1,000-word article, make sure that there are only 20 to 30 internal links.

With the "website links count checker," it's easy and quick to check all the links on all the web pages. Since it's a free SEO tool, you can use it to find out how many links are on a page. It also looks at how many good links are added to the site.

If there are bookmarking sites, your site should be SEO-friendly when judging the quality of links. If you have "farm links" on your website, they should be taken down and optimized according to SEO rules. It could hurt your site and put it on a blocklist if you don't.

How to use the checker for website link counts?

The tool is easy to use and good for SEO. Just put the elements you need in the text box and click "Apply." Our tool will work in the background to process the URL you asked for. As a result, the total number of internal and external links has gone up.

  • Total links: Internal and external links are added together to make up the total links. It figures out how many links there are on a page or website.
  • Internal Links: The Internal links show how many links are on each site page.
  • External Links: The total of external links on a site or page is shown by the External links. As a key part of SEO optimization, it is the link to other websites. But it would help if you were sure that they are useful and good for the consumer. Our tool doesn't say whether the links it shows are "do-follow" or "no-follow."

This tool's technique needs three stages to complete

  • Put the web page's URL into the text box to find internal and external links.
  • In the box, type the captcha code.
  • To look at the links, click the button.

What does Moz consider internal and external links?

Internal links are nothing more than links between all the pages. It makes the pages stick together well. So that both people and search engines can find and understand the pages. External links are links that go from one website to another. It's a kind of anchor text that helps your content pass along a value. You only need to type in the URL and click the "Submit" button to use the tool. Use our links analyzer tools to find each link on your page.

How does the site link count checker work?

There may be a lot of links to a certain page in the site's content. If the site accepts the guest post, you need to know where the links are on the page. If it says "links" instead of "applicable," it doesn't have to link to that page. So please don't post links unless they are important to the content. It takes a lot of time to count the number of links on a page. 

Then, it takes time to look at both internal and external links. So, you have to use this kind of tool to save time. Too many links to other sites on a page make it less useful. It will also affect the organic rankings. Check here for a website or page's total number of words and a lot of information.

Website Link Counter Tool Benefits

Here are some of the good things about the Website Link Counter Tool:

  • The tool doesn't cost anything.
  • It gives accurate information in minutes about both external and internal links.
  • It can tell how many links are internal and how many are external.
  • It helps find the total number of links and works faster.
  • It cuts down on the time it takes to count links on a website page.
  • This can help you check as many web pages as you want without limits.
  • It helps you count the number of links to other sites. But also, a lot of links to outside sites can lead to a "link farm," which is bad for SEO.
  • Web admins and SEO experts can look at the links and decide what to do next.