Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout: Which Will Assist You In Getting The Most Money?




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Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout, which is better? When doing product research, it can be hard to stay ahead if you only use tools like Google Trends to see how engineer demand is changing. These manual tasks can take a lot of time and won’t give you the detailed information you need to make a good decision.

Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout: Which Will Assist You In Getting The Most Money?
Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout: Which Will Assist You In Getting The Most Money?

Instead, different tools for researching products will make your job easier and make your online business more likely to do well. So, if you’ve been wondering, Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout, which is better?

What’s Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a powerful tool for finding products on Amazon and learning more about them. This tool does all the hard work and guesswork of finding good products for you and then acts as a financial command center. Most Amazon FBA biz sellers use the Jungle Scout tools to research products, launch them, and get in touch with suppliers.

This tool for researching products is one of the most popular for researching Amazon products, finding suppliers, and researching keywords. The tool is easier to use and will stay on the edge of being easy to understand and use. Again, the tool gives you accurate data that makes it easy to compare different products.

Another great thing about this tool is that it has a Jungle Scout Supplier Database. The feature will give users instant, unrestricted access to quality suppliers who have already been checked out. It will show important information like the number of clients, their volume, the number of guaranteed shipments, and the number of quotes. The best part is that your product will get better faster and by someone you trust.

The Jungle Scout Chance Finder is another great part of the Jungle Scout interface. This feature will help you find unique niche products in high demand, with high margins, or even low competition. Again, you can easily use Scout with most research tools for keywords to find out what people are purchasing the most.

It also comes with a Chrome Extension that connects Amazon and Jungle Scout. This extension is built into your favorite web browser. So, a single click will give you useful metrics and information when you search for any product on Amazon. An Amazon seller’s Chrome extension allows them to improve their organization.


  • It has the most full-featured plans at the best prices.
  • It has an easy-to-understand interface that is simple to use.
  • Higher rates of accuracy
  • It has a full library of training materials.
  • It has an add-on for Chrome that helps Amazon sellers get their stuff in order.
  • This tool helps find new trends and profitable product niches.
  • Offers sales information or estimates for almost every Amazon product.
  • Offers keyword research for almost every product on Amazon.
  • It lets you compare sellers, their strategies, and how relevant they are so you can get different rankings.


  • It doesn’t have an app for phones.
  • The tool Jungle Scout is not free.
  • It has no free extensions and only a few features.

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is an all-in-one piece of software that Amazon FBA sellers can use to do everything they need, like research on products, SEO, protection against fraud, optimizing listings, capturing leads, and launching products. This tool has many features that can help anyone do well on the Amazon platform.

First, it has a Black Box, a keyword analysis tool that helps you find strong keywords to do a keyword search. This makes it easy to keep track of your competing companies and learn more about how they do business. The best part is that you can look for trends and figure out what makes a product so expensive.

It has a magnet, a tool for expanding your keyword list, and a research tool. This tool has the market’s biggest list of useful search words. It makes easy driving traffic much more likely and shows you High-volume conditions, Related keywords, High-ranking keywords, Industry competitors, Actionable keywords, Word frequency, and top products.

Frankenstein is Helium 10’s most important part. It usually takes a lot of parts that don’t go together and turns them into a lean, mean fighting tool. This will save you time and help you increase your Amazon rankings. Because most of the words on keyword lists are the same, you will use Frankenstein to clean up your spreadsheet.

This tool for researching products has scribbles that will assist you to rank higher than everyone else. This tool also ensures you don’t miss a keyword, which makes optimization a breeze. You will only need to enter your key phrases and write your listing. After that, you can scribble down the words you used and remove them from the list.

It also has an x-ray and a view from the top of the browser. Imagine having a bird’s-eye view of possible ROI, profitability, review sites, ASINs, ads analytics, and inventory as you peruse Amazon. In a nutshell, the X-ray tool gives you all the data you need to make good decisions.


  • It gives you a free extension for Chrome to use.
  • It offers a free plan for 30 days so that premium features can be tried out.
  • It’s a great marketing suite with all the tools you need to run a business on Amazon.
  • Has the best rate of accuracy
  • Provides plans based on data and the goal
  • Outstanding customer service
  • It offers a full database to help people learn.


  • It is an investment that costs a lot.
  • Learning, getting used to, and understanding the tools takes a long time.

Jungle Scout vs. Helium 10

To decide between Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, you must know what makes them different. People think of these two as Amazon research tools that can help you reach the top.

So, the two regularly update and add new features, and they keep changing their prices to stay competitive. Most of the time, the two tools will assist any Amazon business seller in finding possible product opportunities. So, if you’ve been debating between helium 10 and jungle scout, let’s delve deeper and find out which one is better.

Jungle Scout’s Distinctive Characteristics

The Supplier Database is the first thing that makes Jungle Scout stand out. With this feature, you can find verified sellers or sellers who are competing with you on Amazon. You will also be able to keep an eye on them and move well. The best part is that this option is easy to use and can be found on the dashboard.

The giveaway platform is the other thing that makes the Jungle Scout stand out. You are putting out the latest brand, and the giveaway gives you ideas and choices. It’s easy to improve your sales history or look for deals. You can also put it together to match the sales with the giveaway.

Helium 10’s Distinctive Characteristics

Like Jungle Scout, Helium 10 has some features that only its users can use. The refund genie is the first thing that makes Helium 1o different from Scout. The refund genie is very helpful if you don’t know how to get your money back for things like broken products.

Most of the time, the Refund Genie will assist you in identifying mistakes on Amazon and show you how to get your money back. The Competitor Keyword Spy is the other feature. This feature will look at the SEO, keyword strategies, and organic efforts. So, you can use the PPC automated tool to look at the PPC campaigns, ads, and any other organic system integration.


The Helium 10 and the Jungle Scout use data to give strategies and insights, so it’s important to know how accurate they are. They are both very accurate but are not the same in some ways.

Jungle Scout’s Accuracy

Jungle Scout is more likely to be right and less likely to be wrong regarding accuracy. Most of the time, it works about 80 to 85% of the time. This means that there is only a 5% chance that the product won’t work, a 5% chance that it will only sell half as much as they expect, and a 5% chance that it will only sell a third as much as they expect. Again, Helium 10 is more interesting to learn than Jungle Scout because of how hard it is to use and how few tools it has.

Helium 10 Accuracy

Helium is only about 70% to 80% accurate, less than the Jungle scout. This means that there is about an 8% chance that the product will fail, an 8% chance that it will only sell half as much as expected, and an 8% chance that it will only sell about a third as much as it is expected to. But it would help if you understood that this could get worse depending on how well you know how to use Helium 10 tools on the market.

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Easy to Use Section

This part is most important for people who are just starting. It would also help if you tried to make the interface simple and easy to use. If you get a tool for product research that has a complicated interface, it can be hard to know where to start. So, let’s compare these two tools to see which one is the easiest to use.

Jungle Scout: Ease of Use

Jungle Scout has a clean, easy-to-use interface for new users. Everything is on the dashboard, which makes it easy to research products. To use it, you need to add a few filters, such as regions, keywords, and types of sellers, to help narrow down your search results. Then, when you’re done with the filtration, click “Search” to get the desired results.

Helium 10: Easy to Use

Helium also has a simple interface, but unlike the Jungle on the dashboard, you must go through a few steps to use it. For example, to use the Black box, you have to click on it. It might look like a simple procedure, but it can be hard for people just starting.

Resources and Customer Service for Jungle Scout

The Jungle Scout device will assist you in selling on Amazon more successfully. It has a provider such as Jungle Scout Academy, where people can learn everything they need to understand about selling on Amazon. It also has a lot of useful information in its resources. Again, if you have trouble using the tool, you can ask for help from the company’s customer service staff. The best thing about this service is that it’s always open.

Resources and Customer Service for Helium 10

In contrast to the Jungle, Helium 10 doesn’t tell you much about training. However, they will offer courses like Individual liberty Ticket that will instruct the seller on how to sell well on Amazon. The bad thing is you have to pay for one to get into the course.

Pricing Plans for Jungle Scout

The pricing plans for Jungle Scout are clear and easy to understand. There are three main plans: the Basic Plan, the Suite Plan, and the Professional Plan. The basic plan typically costs $49 per month and is best for people who are just starting to sell on Amazon or are new to it.

The deluxe plan usually costs $69 per month and is made for Amazon sellers who want to grow their businesses. On the other hand, the Professional Plan starts at $129 per month and is great for experienced sellers.

Pricing Plans for Helium 10

Helium 10 has a bit of a different pricing plan since it has four: the Starter Plan, the Platinum Plan, the Diamond Plan, and the Elite Plan. The starting pitcher plan is a basic plan costing an average of $39 per month. Most of the time, it is a training package.

The platinum plan costs $99 per month, and you should begin your FBA business as soon as possible. The diamond plan typically costs $249 per month and is great for Amazon sellers who want to grow their businesses. On the other hand, the Elite Plan package costs $399 per month and is great for a specialist seller who wants fast results.

Helium 10 & Jungle Scout: Worth the Investment?

The Helium 10 and the Jungle Scout are, of course, making money. Amazingly, you can’t be a successful Amazon vendor without these tools, so this is an investment, not a cost. For example, Jungle Scout is a web-based system that will save you dozens of hours of work doing research by hand. It takes the guesswork of choosing, finding, and keeping track of a product.

It shows you products that are in high demand, have low competition, is in demand, or are trending. This can help you grow your Amazon business. On the other hand, Helium 10 is a set of tools that can help you improve your supply chain from beginning to end. From finding products to optimizing listings for higher rankings or more sales to managing your account and getting refunds, there are many things you can do on eBay.


In conclusion, the Jungle Scout is the finest tool for beginners and people who want to learn about products. On the other hand, Helium 10 is the best overall, but it isn’t the best for people just starting. Most of the time, Helium 10 will be slightly bigger than Jungle Scout. But Jungle Scout is better if all you need is a cheap tool for researching products.

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