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Amazon Affiliate Marketing
Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Marketing: People always look for a way out of their boring and average day jobs. And affiliate marketing has become very popular as a way to make that dream come true. In the same way, Amazon affiliate marketing has become the most popular choice as people leave more traditional jobs.

Before we get into the main point, we’d like to say that Amazon affiliate marketing isn’t as profitable as people think it is. There are some amazing things about it, which is why more and more people are joining. Why don’t you learn about some of the most common mistakes that affiliate marketers make while working with Amazon Associates before you start?

Amazon affiliates’ greatest assets

Amazon is thought to be one of the best affiliates globally. There are reasons for this, and I’ll list a few.

Simple to get start

The first thing to know is that there is no cost to become an Amazon affiliate. All you have to do is sign up for the Amazon Associates program. You need a webpage before you can start the application process. You can apply for the program once you’ve chosen a niche, built a website, and shown that your business could grow.

The price is very low.

Amazon has already made it clear that you don’t have to pay an application fee. But you have to spend money for yourself. To advertise products, you need a place to do it. A website is a good choice. So, you have to pay to keep that channel up and running.

To make a website, you need a domain name and a place to host it. You have to pay once for a name ($2-$15 per year) and $5-$40+ each month for hosting (based on the package and hosting company).

Are you done with hosting and the domain name? Now, hire a web developer to build your site. This will cost between $100 and $250. Yes, you can spend more money upfront on building a website with many features, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. You should start with a simple website and add more features based on how well it works and what you need.

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Useful for any market

Through Amazon, millions of items are sold. And this online store is thought to be the largest eCommerce site globally. But if you don’t count digital products, you can find almost any category of things we use in our everyday lives.

So, if you want to sell anything physical, Amazon is, without a doubt, the best choice. Amazon has everything from home decor to baby strollers, food supplements to items for fun. If you do your research, picking one of those categories can be a good way to make money.

Why you can’t trust Amazon

Even though Amazon affiliate is a great program for the reasons above, there are other things to look into as well:

Winning the fierce competition is difficult.

The level of competition is crazy. Because the industry is so big, you always have to be able to find something to buy. Also, bloggers and Internet marketers make interesting content so that more people will be interested.

Hard for first-timers

Amazon Associates is open to anyone, so everyone gives it their best shot. Because of this, there are many people here looking for easy money. It gets harder and harder for newcomers to find a good niche.

Lower rate of commission.

Amazon has a lower commission rate than other affiliate programs. With so much competition, it might be hard to make a good living from a blog about to take off.

What to expect from Amazon Affiliates?

With an Amazon affiliate site, you can make anywhere from $100 to $25,000. But you shouldn’t answer this question in just one sentence. To calculate, you have to think about a lot of different things.

  • How many people are likely to visit a website.
  • How many people will click on the affiliate links when they visit the site
  • How many people do you think can be the real buyers?
  • Also, think about how much they might spend on average.
  • How much could the commission be?

Let’s say that 20k people search for your main keyword every month, while 10k people are expected to search for your long-tail keyword, and you have an average SERP position of 2. You’d get 3,750 visitors out of a total of 30,000. (assuming 13 percent CTR as your position on the real top).

If 40% of people who come to your site click on your affiliate links, 1500 people will go to Amazon from your site. And if 5% of all visitors buy, you’ll have 75 real buyers. Now, let’s say they bought things that cost an average of $75. So, that keyword would bring in $365.63 per month for you.

You can see that there are many different ways to make money. First of all, the most important part of the whole calculation is the niche itself. If it’s very competitive and you’re just starting, it will be hard to get where you want to go.

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