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When it comes to SEO tools, there are many good ones out there. But when it comes to content marketing, we have a few favorites. One of our writers’ favorite things is Answer the Public. When you use a tool like this, you can see what people are looking for right now.

How To Optimize Your SEO By Using Answer The Public
How To Optimize Your SEO By Using Answer The Public

You can move up the search engine pages if you respond to these searches and give people useful information. As we explain in this blog, Answer the Public is a tool that can help you improve your online presence. We’ll also explain why it’s important and how it can help you.

What is the purpose of Answer the Public?

You can use Answer the Public to find long-tail keywords that show you questions and autocomplete searches about a certain subject. If you know what people are looking for, you can write content with answers that people are looking for and want to know more about.

Is it free to use Answer the Public?

You can use Answer the Public to search for a few things a day. Otherwise, you’ll meet this guy. When someone else is using the same tool, they could use up all of your team’s time for the day. That is not good news for people who need to write a lot of content.

You should buy the tool, which costs $99 a month or $79 a month if you pay in advance. If you don’t have any ideas for content and want to improve your SEO, it’s worth the money. You can search for as many things and users as you want and compare data over time.

How to organize?

As we said before, the site shows you what people are looking for on the site, too. When we talk about one of our clients, we will talk about Complete Koi & Aquatics. One of the tools we use for SEO is Ahrefs, and it showed us that “Ghost Koi” was searched about 1,900 times a month with no difficulty. Make a list of topics you think your customers might be interested in. If you don’t have an SEO tool to help you with this, write down some ideas.

We then went to Answer the Public, typed this phrase in, and looked at what other people said. A visualization wheel is one way that Answers the Public will show results. The second way is to show the results in a graph. This tool can’t tell you how many times each question has been searched for, but it can show you how dark the dots on the wheel are. 

This means that more people search for these questions. It can also mean that the question or phrase is popular and has many search terms compared to other things. You won’t be able to get 100% accurate numbers from search engines because they like to keep this information a secret from people. This is just the “questions” part. 

Ghost koi for sale near me, ghost koi vs. goldfish, and alphabetical are all at the bottom. Compared to the visualization wheel, this is a little easier to read. However, it doesn’t give you clues about what people search for the most. Useful: When you know a lot about your field, you forget what newcomers might want to know. The people you meet might surprise you with the things they ask about.

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Answer the Public as an SEO tool

How can you utilize these questions in your writing? It tells search engines that you know what you’re talking about when you write a blog post about it. Most of the time, the more questions you answer and the more in-depth you get, the better. This is, of course, based on how many people search and how much information they want. Sometimes people only want a small amount of information.

Our research led us to write a piece called “Everything you need to know about Ghost Koi.” This piece answered many of the questions from Answer the Public. This piece was written in July 2020, so it will be long before search engines pick up on it. At this writing, Complete Koi are at the top of Google for “Ghost Koi Carp” and “Butterfly Ghost Koi,” even though their domain rating is 3.7. We think this will keep going up!

If you follow this process, you can expect the same results. You should make sure that your questions are formatted so that each one is an H2, H3, or H4 so that search engines know that they are your headings and subheadings. This will make sure that the keyword is in the questions as well. When people see this, they’ll be more likely to click on it. They can get their response without even having to go to a site.

When someone types in a term, you can still show up in small parts of the page even if you don’t rank for it, which is good if you’re starting. Another way that Answers the Public can help with SEO is that it lets you compare data over time, which can help you improve your SEO.

People could start looking up questions like, “Do Ghost Koi hibernate?” as we get closer to Winter. We can add this information to the content and keep it updated. The same thing happens when there are new cool gadgets that work with ponds. We can get the product page to rise to the top of search results as more people search for it, and we’ll keep an eye out for more questions as the product gains popularity.

Before anyone else does, this can help us figure out how to deal with those questions first. Last but not least, it could be that your rivals are answering questions you aren’t. This could be why one of your old pieces of content used to get a lot of traffic, but now it isn’t. It’s important to keep an eye on old content and make changes when new questions arise.


Answer the Public is a wonderful tool for content writers who want to get more ideas and improve their SEO. If you’re short on resources and want to hire someone else to do content research and writing, we’re the people for you!

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