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One of the most popular social media sites, Pinterest, has added new opportunities to earn money on the site and earn commissions through affiliate marketing. Users can turn their pins into shoppable pins that anyone can buy, and the user who posted the Pin will get a certain percentage of the sales.

How To Profit From Pinterest Affiliate Marketing
How To Profit From Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

You could lose money if you’re an affiliate marketer without starting affiliate marketing on Pinterest. Many affiliate marketers think that Facebook and Twitter are enough for them. Still, they should try to reach a wider audience.

Why Use Pinterest for Business?

Your target audience is already interested in buying something, so Pinterest is your best social media platform. Here are the best reasons why affiliate marketers should use Pinterest:

Ultimate Visual Search Engine

You can think of Pinterest as an image search engine. Every month, 320 million people use the site, and almost 70% are women. If you look closely, you’ll see that the average household income of all users is at least $100,000. Statistics show that people spend more time on Pinterest than on Facebook (only 6.4 minutes).

Taking less time

For Pinterest affiliate marketing, if you put a blog on your Website, you have to start writing unique content, review it, and then put it on the Website. This takes a lot of time. To get the most results, you must do in-depth search term research and work with great posts. On the other hand, a Website is one of the best sites for recommending affiliate links with attractive pins that take less time.

Continuous Flow of Money

You use Twitter and Facebook to market your affiliate link, and you may be looking for a new way to make money so you can earn more affiliate commission. Joining Pinterest is the best way to start making money in a new way. You can get more people to interact with your posts, gain more followers, and get people to suggest your products or services.

How Does Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Work?

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is a good way for anyone who wants to make more money quickly. To start a Pinterest affiliate marketing bid, you must first choose a specific niche and join an affiliate program. If you’ve already joined an affiliate program, there’s no reason why you can’t join another one. Here are the steps you need to take to start an affiliate marketing campaign:

Make and Upload Affiliate Pins

Click Create and then Create Pin to get there. You can upload an image, add text, alt tags, and a title; if you’ve already made a board, you can choose it. If you want to make a new board, open your Pinterest profile, click on the plus sign, and then click on the board.

Create and choose the right boards

If you’ve already made a board, choose one for your Pin or go to your profile to make a new one. The process is easy; you must click on the plus signs and choose the board. The given pop-up will appear. Click the Create button after you’ve named your board.

Find Popular Keywords

Pinterest is interested in well-written content aimed at the right people. So, if you do it right, you’ll get more visitors and a higher conversion rate. Use third-party tools to check keywords with a high search volume and learn about the popularity of keywords. Remember that keywords and their popularity can change over time, so you must choose them carefully.

Link to a Different Buyer’s Guide

Most affiliates try to get better at what they do and use buying guides to give their audience the best advice and recommendations. It is among the best ways to test if a buyer’s guide with an affiliate link brings in traffic. Remember to include affiliate links and calls to action (CTAs) in your guides if you want a reader to purchase your service or product.

Avoid Link Cloaking

Marketers hide they are used In by shortening the URL with a third-party tool like, but Pinterest won’t let them do that because it’s too sketchy. URL cloaking or shortening is bad, and Pinterest doesn’t let you do it. Read the rules for advertising to improve your business without breaking the rules.

Show Pinterest affiliate links.

According to rules set by the Federal Trade Commission, you must say that you are an affiliate promoting services or products from an affiliate. It’s all about protecting the consumer, and they’ll also look at your review more closely if they know you’re getting paid to say good things about this service or product. You can tell people however you want, but most affiliates use hashtags like #affiliatelink or #sponsored.

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Use high-quality images or paid images.

You know that Pinterest is all about pictures and that good pictures cost money. So, don’t use free or cheap pictures because it will lower the number of people who see your pins. People are more likely to look at or act on unique images of high quality. At first, you can use FreePik, Pixabay, and other free sources of high-quality images. Don’t go for images if you are obtaining enough earnings.

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