Is The Super Affiliate System A Legitimate Business Opportunity?




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Super Affiliate System: For legal concerns, I’m not going to label SAS a fraud. But from what I know about John Crestani and his students, I would tell you to stay away from his Super Affiliate System. As I explain below, I’ve seen so many warning signs about this program that I don’t think it’s a good idea to put a lot of time or money into it.

Is The Super Affiliate System A Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Price and discount info for Super Affiliate System

The normal price for Super Affiliate System is $997. There is also a payment plan to pay $397 a month for 3 months to buy the course.

John Crestani will tell you that the course usually costs close to $5,000.

But in all the research I did, I couldn’t find a single case where a student paid that much for training that could be proven.

Discount on Super Affiliate System

The $3,988 discount shown in the screenshot above seems to be available to everyone forever, and $997 is the lowest price I’ve seen for the program.

Don’t buy the program if you want to save money. Instead, think about some other options.

How does the Super Affiliate System help you make money?

I’ve seen that not many people who use the Super Affiliate System (SAS) make much money. And I have the feeling that most people who do make a good living doing so this way:

  • They become part of the SAS.
  • They spread the word about SAS in many ways.
  • They turn these leads from marketing into sales of SAS.
  • For each sale, they get a commission.

Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people’s products and get a cut of the sales.

You may utilize affiliate marketing to promote various items using either free or paid traffic.

From what I’ve learned, one of the main things that SAS seems to teach is how to use paid traffic from Facebook ads to market the course itself.

Objections to John Crestani

Here is where I usually tell you what I like about the course, but there are so many things I don’t like about Super Affiliate System that we should start with those.

Super Affiliate System is a pyramid scam, right?

I don’t think of Super Affiliate System as a pyramid scheme because students can promote whatever products they want. But it seems that many of the “success stories” that John Crestani shows from his Super Affiliate System are just students getting other students to buy the same training.

Expiring Testimonials

Check the dates when John Crestani shows you success stories that seem real. From what I’ve seen, many of his best success stories are from 2016 or before, which is old enough for me to think they don’t matter.

Read Also: Overview of the Super Affiliate System and Who is John Crestani?

Are John’s students up to no good?

Some of John’s more successful students don’t mind promoting controversial products or using marketing methods that aren’t clear-cut.

John Crestani is requesting that you tell lies to your friends and family?

Even if you’ve never attended his training and have no clue how to earn money online, John Crestani suggests that you tell everyone, your friends and family, that his training taught you how to make money online is one of his most famous YouTube videos.

PayPal has banned John Crestani. said in an article that John Crestani once sold products that “PayPal didn’t like,” which caused his account to be closed.

John Crestani’s University Cheating Scam

According to the same Forbes article, John Crestani was kicked out of school to hack the exam system and sell answers to other students.

It’s Simple! But it’s also difficult.

According to John Crestani, Affiliate marketing is a simple technique to generate money online that takes just four hours per week to master. But then he’ll tell you it’s NOT easy and takes a LOT of work.

Don’t Be Suspicious

Do you think that John Crestani’s training might not be very good? Well, John Crestani says that your doubt will hold you back.

Fake shortage

John Crestani says that his training can only be accessed or bought at a discount for a limited time. But from what I’ve seen, the price is always the same.

Does John Crestani want you to use the internet to spam?

Much of John Crestani’s online money-making advice comes down to this: spam your affiliate link everywhere and hope someone clicks on it and buys anything.

Not Clear About Refunds

It’s unclear what the Super Affiliate System’s refund policy is, and some students say they had trouble getting their money back.

Is John Crestani selling your information?

If you buy John Crestani’s $997 Super Affiliate System course, he will give you everyone else’s email addresses. Most likely, every other paying student will also be able to see your email address.

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