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Which is Better For Beginners?

If you’re looking to start an affiliate marketing business, you’re probably wondering which training program is the best for beginners. After all, there’s a lot of competition out there. Which one will you choose? Let’s explore the differences and similarities between Wealthy Affiliate and Savage Affiliates, and compare the two in this article.

Savage Affiliates Overview

The two programs provide different types of training. Savage Affiliates is an online business training program, whereas Wealthy Affiliate is a software program. Both programs offer comprehensive training, but Savage Affiliates has many more features than Wealthy Affiliate, and a few of them even rival each other in price. In addition to website hosting and training, Savage Affiliates provides email responders, WordPress themes, and a live community. However, you’ll need to purchase individual tools to use them. Moreover, Savage Affiliates is expensive, with several hundred dollars per month for tuition. On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate is free and offers a fully-integrated website, including hosting and marketing tools for the first ten courses to get you started.

The main difference between Savage Affiliates and Wealthy Affiliate lies in the number of modules and over-the-shoulder training videos. Savage Affiliates 2.0 offers nine modules and 130 over-the-shoulder training videos, which help you build your affiliate marketing business from the ground up. The course begins with introductory videos to teach you the basics of affiliate marketing, and the bonus sections are filled with videos.

The cost of the two programs varies depending on how you choose to use them. Wealthy Affiliate offers lifetime updates, while Savage Affiliates requires a one-time payment of $197. While both programs require some initial investment, Savage Affiliate’s one-time membership cost is more affordable. If you are new to the industry, it’s best to choose a one-time payment for access to all training modules. Savage Affiliate’s website hosting is not as good as Wealthy Affiliate, but it’s still cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate.

Which is better for beginners? Savage Affiliates is more user-friendly. While Wealthy Affiliate offers more training material, it’s not as detailed as the latter. Moreover, the former requires more content and discussion areas. But Savage Affiliates’ course is more focused on the fundamentals of website building. Savage Affiliates is not a beginner-friendly training program, so the material isn’t as extensive as Wealthy Affiliate’s.

Franklin Hatchett is the founder of both programs. He is a well-known affiliate marketer and has written several courses. He has also developed Ecom Elites, a program that teaches people how to use dropshipping. Moreover, Savage Affiliates members are encouraged to use ClickFunnels, a software that costs $97 a month. Franklin uses ClickFunnels to make money online.

How much is Savage Affiliate? Which is better? Which program is better for beginners? You can join both for a one-time fee of up to $297 or pay a yearly fee of $395. The Basic Plan of Savage Affiliates is free; however, the Premium version costs $297. In contrast, the Super Plan costs $297, and includes lifetime updates. It also has a guarantee for money back.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

When it comes to setting up your affiliate marketing business, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing one program over another. Whether you choose Wealthy Affiliate or Savage Affiliates depends on your personal needs and goals. The program’s support team is one of the most important components. It can respond to questions in under an hour, and it’s very easy to get help with technical questions. There are also some cons to both programs, but the overall value of each product is greater.

Wealthy Affiliate has the edge in the training department. The training materials are well-structured and divided into easy-to-understand lessons. Other features of this program include a keyword research tool and web hosting services. You can also choose between a free 6-month or yearly membership option. Moreover, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free trial period and offers many advanced marketing tools to help you succeed.

Whether you prefer a paid subscription or a free trial, Wealthy Affiliate is the better option. Among the many benefits of the program is its active forum community and chat service. Those looking to make money online can also opt for this option if they are new to the field. Both programs offer webinars and training sessions that help you succeed in your online business. You can also use Wealthy Affiliate’s free webinars to learn more about affiliate marketing.

The support department of Wealthy Affiliate is more active. The founders of Wealthy Affiliate are available via private messaging to answer any of your questions. Savage Affiliates’ support team, on the other hand, is available in the forum, and typically responds within 30 minutes. Both programs also have active communities. The community is like a forum and is monitored regularly. Abusive members are removed from the community.

While the support staff of Wealthy Affiliate is great and offers a host of useful tools, there are some shortcomings to this program. Savage Affiliates provides poor support, and the website itself has a lot of errors. Neither of them is easy to navigate. Savage Affiliates’ support staff isn’t available on weekends.

While both platforms offer quality training overall, Savage has fewer tools and services. It costs $297 to start a business, whereas Wealthy Affiliate’s training has more tools and includes a membership forum. Savage also includes a private Facebook group. Savage also offers a one-time membership fee that is affordable compared to other affiliate marketing courses. There are many advantages of both, but which is the better option?

For many, Savage Affiliates has a more complete training program. The program teaches affiliate marketing, but Savage Affiliates’ video training is more comprehensive. The program includes a private inner circle, paid traffic academy, and a secret done-for-you affiliate marketing funnel. It is also ranked higher in search engines. Savage Affiliates has a higher ranking on SEO than Wealthy Affiliate, but you can’t expect to see overnight results. Savage Affiliates is a good option if you want to learn how to market online.

eCom Elites (Bonus Overview)

The main differences between eCom Elites and Savage Affiliates can be found in the focus on Clickbank. Savage Affiliates focuses on creating a passive income by acquiring extra traffic outside of the search engines. The course does teach you how to use paid ads, but it is important to consider margins. Savage Affiliates students are not making much money with affiliate marketing. The course makes the most money selling courses.

While eCom Elites is more focused on building a profitable eCommerce store, Savage Affiliates focuses more on building a website that sells other people’s products. It will take time and effort to earn income from ads, but if you scale your ads properly, they can turn into a large source of revenue. Both courses will give you access to a members area, but the layout may vary depending on which one you choose.

For those who are new to affiliate marketing, Franklin Hatchett teaches the ins and outs of Clickbank marketing. He also teaches you how to set up landing pages for email campaigns. In addition to teaching you how to set up an email marketing campaign, he also teaches you how to launch a website that sells real marketplace products. There are two versions of the course, which are the free version and the paid version.

eCom Elites has an SEO module dedicated to building organic traffic. It provides an overview of SEO, including keyword research, building white hat backlinks, and ranking your website quickly. You can access this module in the standard and ultimate plans. The course is divided into 9 modules. Videos are generally between 4 and 30 minutes long. You can also access the settings for eCom Elites.

Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites courses are easy to understand and follow. The only comparable course to Savage Affiliates is Project 24. However, Franklin Hatchett’s courses are far superior in content and quality. They cover everything a new affiliate marketer needs to know to succeed. The difference between eCom Elites and Savage Affiliates is in the price.

Franklin’s eCom Elites course offers a lot of value. The video course is a wealth of information on social media marketing. Savage Affiliates is more laid back, but Franklin’s videos cover Facebook ads, eBook covers, and Solo Ads. However, Facebook ad pixels do not integrate with Clickbank. In addition to social media, Franklin’s course also teaches you how to use Chatbots to create automated conversations with potential customers.

Franklin has an extensive list of training tools, including a dropshipping program. Although he’s a renowned YouTube star and eCom Elites course, he has a popular blog called Online Dimes. This website is billed as eCom Elites’ blog, but it’s largely comprised of affiliate links. Franklin also has numerous Facebook groups, where he discusses topics that are similar to eCom Elites’s.

Savage Affiliates Pros and Cons

In this Savage Affiliates review section, we’ll look at some of the pros and cons of this affiliate marketing training course. This program is not outdated, it’s not too expensive, and it has an active community support system. Regardless of which version you decide to purchase, you’ll be glad you bought it! Read on to find out if it’s worth the money! Weigh the pros and cons to decide whether this program is right for you.

Savage Affiliates is a legit affiliate marketing training course

If you’re interested in making money online, you’ve probably heard of Savage Affiliates. The course offers more than 60 lessons covering topics such as choosing a niche, leveraging ClickBank products, generating traffic, and becoming an Amazon Associate. This last step is the simplest and most lucrative of all. It requires very little knowledge of HTML, CSS, or coding. And best of all, Franklin actively interacts with members. Whether Savage Affiliates is a scam or a legitimate affiliate marketing training course, it has many benefits to offer.

You’ll learn about Clickbank marketing and how to create 1:1 article structures. You’ll also learn about using widgets, themes, and landing pages to promote real marketplace products. There’s a private Facebook group you can join that contains over 30 hours of video content to guide you through the modules. You won’t have to learn how to code, but the course will teach you how to set up a funnel and double your income. Franklin Hatchett, a YouTube creator and Affiliate Marketer, designed Savage Affiliates to teach people how to monetize the future floods of traffic.

It is not outdated

Despite the recent controversy surrounding the Clickbank affiliate marketing program, Savage Affiliates 2.0 is still a highly-regarded course for new and experienced affiliate marketers alike. The course covers many affiliate marketing tactics for some of the most popular products online. Franklin’s youtube channel releases most of the course materials for free, but if you want to learn affiliate marketing, you might want to choose a different product. The first module of Savage Affiliates 2.0 introduces you to affiliate marketing and runs through different services and products to promote. The modules recommend Clickbank, Bluehost, GetRespons, and Clickfunnels for your online business. The course also promotes a wide variety of web-based software.

Franklin Hatchett is an experienced affiliate marketer and creator of the Ecom Elites course. His YouTube channel has more than 300,000 subscribers and has earned several million dollars by promoting affiliate products. In addition, he gives his audience useful information about dropshipping. Although Franklin doesn’t make money selling his own information, he’s a proven affiliate marketing guru and has spent years figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

It is not overpriced

Savage Affiliates is a training course that helps you create funnels, set up systems, and generate traffic to these systems. It also includes useful content and navigation tips. Franklin’s methods are effective, and the course is not overpriced. The video quality is also good. Franklin takes part in the course on a regular basis. Savage Affiliates is not overpriced, and you won’t spend a fortune.

Franklin Hatchett offers step-by-step videos on how to set up a blog and get traffic. Unlike most other training programs, you won’t have to know HTML to get started with the course. He also shows you how to create your own landing pages for your email marketing campaign. He recommends that you start an email marketing campaign from the very beginning to double your income. Savage Affiliates also features a Facebook group where Franklin personally posts updates. He can provide valuable feedback to members who are promoting the course.

It has a good support network

When looking for an affiliate marketing program, one of the best options is Savage Affiliates. Their training program is designed to teach affiliate marketing basics, as well as advanced techniques. This includes everything from how to maximize the use of Facebook ads to creating funnels that convert. Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing, or a seasoned pro, the community of Savage Affiliates members will help you make the most of your online marketing experience.

Besides a private Facebook group, the course has an extensive support network. You can easily ask questions in the group or ask for assistance. There are over 30 hours of video content to guide you through the training. You don’t have to know HTML to get started. The main focus of this course is learning. Franklin Hatchett, a YouTube creator and Affiliate Marketer, created Savage Affiliates to help beginners like you succeed online.

It is not a scam

There are many people who wonder if Savage Affiliates is a scam or a legitimate training course. It is important to understand that affiliate marketing is an online business model where you earn commissions by promoting another company’s products or services. This means that you don’t actually own the products or services, but only connect people who are looking for the information with the merchants. Savage Affiliates 2.0 claims to teach you every aspect of affiliate marketing, including traffic generation, harnessing launch jacking strategy, and creating profitable online assets.

The program’s founder, Franklin Hatchett, is a well-known online entrepreneur. He has been successful with other affiliate marketing courses and has a popular YouTube channel with more than 300,000 subscribers. In addition to being a popular YouTuber, he also maintains several social media accounts. The product’s website also features videos and a training program written by Franklin Hatchett himself.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons

If you’re a newbie to affiliate marketing and are wondering what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, here are some Pros and Cons to consider. Conversion rates are excellent. For example, top affiliates earn one sale for every eight visitors on average. During promotions, you can expect one sale for every four visitors. While your conversion rate will be lower when you’re a beginner, you’ll eventually improve it. Commissions are recurring, either monthly or yearly. Moreover, customers of Wealthy Affiliate become lifetime members, making recurring commissions a viable business model.

Training is updated regularly

The content and structure of Wealthy Affiliate training is constantly being revised and updated to make it more valuable for people who wish to get started in the affiliate marketing industry. As a beginner, it’s a great place to start, but those looking for advanced knowledge won’t find much value in Wealthy Affiliate. This training is designed only for beginners and intermediates, so those looking to improve their online business should look elsewhere.

The community is another great feature of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great place to find support and advice from other affiliates. While some members are negative or offer bad advice, you’ll find that it’s very easy to find helpful advice from fellow members. It’s also easy to navigate and can be very helpful for you if you’re attentive and critical. However, Wealthy Affiliate support can be a bit pushy at times.

It’s easy to get started

It is possible to make money online with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. The program features training modules created by members and weekly webinars that explain different aspects of affiliate marketing. With training from Wealthy Affiliate, you can start your own blog, engage your audience, and earn trust. You can also set up your email marketing campaign. If you want to market your blog on Bing, you can register it in Bing’s webmaster tools. This way, you can target Bing traffic and start a Bing PPC campaign.

There are two ways to leverage Wealthy Affiliate’s services. First, you should gather enough knowledge on the subject you want to promote. Then, choose a website and niche. Next, create a monetization strategy. Outline a plan to promote your content. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to promote your website with targeted visitors. With a proper marketing strategy, you’ll make money online.

It has a community of 1.5M members

As a beginner, you might be hesitant to join a community of that size. However, Wealthy Affiliate is different. There are experts that run successful online businesses and they are always up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. If you’re looking to build your first website or hire a web design company, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start. There have been a lot of changes made to Wealthy Affiliate since its inception in 2005. Hence, the upselling and down-selling have not been there.

The most active members in the community are ambassadors. These ambassadors hang out with Kyle and Carson and other super affiliates. In addition to this, they’re required to make 300 or more sales a year to become an ambassador. Besides being an ambassador, you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free and upgrade later if you’re satisfied with the program. In addition to this, you’re also allowed to start with a starter account and test out the program before moving up.

It offers a free Starter membership

The Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership includes the first Online Certification training course. You also get two free websites built with Site Rubix, and seven days of access to the live chat and community discussion areas. The program has been around since 2005, and the founders are committed to helping you earn money online. Whether you’re looking for extra income for your monthly expenses or a full-time income, this is the place to start.

The free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate allows you to learn about the training program and monetize two free websites. Premium members also enjoy a Great Discount and support. You’ll also have private messaging access with the Wealthy Affiliate community for questions and assistance. The Wealthy Affiliate system encourages you to follow your passion, not just your bank account. During your free Starter membership, you will have access to all training tools and support tools.

It’s expensive

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? The answer to this question depends on your perspective. Is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme? Or is it simply an online business platform? There are plenty of reasons to consider both. If you want to start a business online, the cost of Wealthy Affiliate is less than the cost of a typical job. Moreover, the program offers a wide variety of marketing options that can help you diversify your income over time.

Wealthy Affiliate is affordable. The program offers everything you need to start an internet business. Premium membership costs $19 for the first month and $49 a month after that. However, it is possible to sign up for a free membership without paying a dime. Besides, a free membership is restricted to the community, training materials, and website creation tools. Premium membership, on the other hand, gives you full access to the platform.

It doesn’t offer refunds

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and become a Wealthy Affiliate member, the best way to ensure that you get the most out of this program is to get started with a free account. While Wealthy Affiliate provides a good starting point, you’ll want to start using first-class tools for optimal success. Those tools can help you make more money and achieve results faster. I’ve personally spent thousands of dollars on different tools and software for my online business. The more money I earn, the more I spend on tools. This way, I keep up with latest technology and can guarantee that I’m not going to get ripped off by a scammy website.

While Wealthy Affiliate offers video training and tutorials, you might find the materials somewhat confusing if you’re a beginner. It’s best to use both forms of training to ensure that you get the most out of this program. This way, you can learn how to apply the knowledge you gain from the training. Wealthy Affiliate offers a community for support and has a forum where you can ask questions about any aspect of the program.


This round really comes down to your level of experience. Since Franklin is the creator of these programs the information is presented in a similar style. That leaves it coming down to budget and time. Like all programs, the value is in what you make of it and how much time you have to learn. Personally, I look at these as investments in my knowledge so no matter what, I am always learning something new. This makes all the difference to me and hopefully will help you too.

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