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ShareASale Pricing, Features, And Reviews
ShareASale Pricing, Features, And Reviews

ShareASale is one of the world’s largest and most trusted affiliate networks. It’s also one of the ones that bloggers and website owners. Those who want to tell their audience about physical products and services are most likely to recommend them.

What is ShareASale?

This platform is best for two types of people. Companies that want to make sure their products are recommended to people. Worldwide who might not know about them yet, and affiliates. Who wants to make more money in different ways. Affiliate marketing with ShareASale is pretty easy. Because the platform provides affiliates with almost all the tools they need to get going.

They also give them detailed ShareASale data analysis. To look at how well they are doing and how much money they are making all in one place. The biggest distinction between an affiliate program and an affiliate network. Like ShareASale, is that a single brand owns most affiliate programs, so you can’t find other merchants on them.

How to join ShareASale as a partner

Are ShareASale’s requirements to sign up a bother? We’d say they’re not, especially when you compare them to the requirements of other affiliate networks. You will have to fill out a form with your name and personal information, make a username and password, say what country you live in, and list your main affiliate website.

In a few days or a week, someone from ShareASale will go to your site to check it out. This is how your site will be manually verified. It’s also important to note that they have certain rules about your content, so if your site is about something controversial, like adult content, you won’t be able to join this affiliate network.

After you fill out the form with all of your information, you will be taken to a page where you can choose how you want to pay. You won’t be able to use PayPal if you join ShareASale and become an affiliate of this network. But since there are so many financial services that let you use checking accounts in different countries worldwide, that might not even be seen as a downside.

How long will it take for your account to be approved? Well, it depends on when you sign up for ShareASale. It usually takes between 24 and 48 hours, but if you join on a Friday, you’re more likely to hear from someone by Tuesday or Wednesday. Still, compared to other networks, the approval process is faster.

How to get paid through ShareASale

You need to find merchants whose products or services you want to promote to your audience. Affiliate programs are put into groups based on things like the type of commission you can get or how long a cookie lasts. You can use the search menu to sort merchants into groups based on whether they automatically accept affiliates or if you have to wait.  Choose a threshold for either the EPC or the commission rate.

You can start making affiliate links once you’ve made a list of the brands you’ve applied to or been accepted by right away based on their requirements. The platform is really easy because all you have to do is go to the top menu and click on links. You can get either a link or a banner there, depending on what the brand offers.

Everything is very easy to understand, and the platform is much simpler to use than others. It’s tough to guess how much money you can make with ShareASale because each brand’s commission rates and cookie lengths vary. This number also depends on how many people visit your blog or website and how many of them buy something.

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ShareASale Payments

How do you get paid by ShareASale? We’ve already told you that you can’t get paid through the Payment gateway, which can be bad for some people. But even though PayPal is convenient and easy to use, there are many other ways to get paid, like direct deposit or sending a check in the mail. Payoneer is the most popular way to get paid. When it comes to payments, we have to say that the minimum amount is $50, which is pretty good. 

There is a 30-day waiting period, so, for example, you won’t get paid for December until the 20th of February. If you have any problems with payments, you can always ask customer service for help. ShareASale will find your commissions even if some vendors or brands haven’t put them in their accounts yet so that you will get paid sooner or later.

Any reasons why you shouldn’t become a ShareASale affiliate?

Online, we did find a few complaints from affiliates who thought the platform could be better in many ways. With WordPress, the affiliate links don’t seem to work too well. In particular, those with a “&” because the content management system changes them independently. Some people find that they can’t see analytics for these links, which can be very frustrating.

Also, there’s no way for you to know if one of the vendors suddenly goes out of business or decides to end their affiliate program. The only way to know for sure is to look at your statistics and see that you’re no longer getting commissions from that brand.

Many affiliates think that ShareASale should send out an automatic message when an affiliate program ends so that people know they need to change their content and affiliate links. We’ve also found some complaints about this affiliate network’s customer service. Sadly, this is also because the platform has grown so big that it’s almost impossible for everyone to get the best customer service ever these days.

Reasons to sign up with ShareASale.

First, the approval process is not hard, especially compared to other networks. There are many brands on the platform, so you can choose the one you think will work best for your blog readers. On top of that, the stage is extremely easy to use, and you won’t have any problems with the technology. It is easy to make affiliate links and banners, and it is also easy to understand the analytics. Many merchants automatically approve their affiliates, so you can start right away once ShareASale approves your account.

Who can you promote?

There are several thousand brands on the platform right now, so you won’t run out of things to recommend to people who read your blog. You can buy things for your home, wardrobe, and many other things. There’s also a chance that you could suggest business products and services. You can use the search bar to look for a specific specialty and see what comes up on the screen.

For example, there are hundreds of merchants in the fashion niche, but some are very well-known, like Spanx, Reebok, and Zaful. All of these programs have different commission rates, of course. The commission rate for beauty and home decor is between 7 and 8 percent, but it depends on the merchant. The length of time a cookie lasts also varies by brand.


So, is it worth it to sign up for the ShareASale affiliate program or not? You can only respond to that question, but we’d say that it is. It’s real, it works with many good brands, and you won’t find any strange items on the platform.

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