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Moz Pro: The SEO field has a lot to thank Moz for. When the company was called SEOMoz in 2004, it made SEO a part of the marketing world with its tutorials. It has also come up with metrics still used in boardrooms today. As the marketing technology field grew, Moz came up with many SEO tools to help marketers get more traffic.

The Moz Pro Review
The Moz Pro Review

The market then started to look for all-in-one SEO software that could do everything from technical crawling to managing content. This left Moz with a lot of questions about who it was. After a few experiments with social media and content marketing, Moz has pushed its Pro suite of SEO tools even more. It still has a good reputation for making SEO easy for everyone, but can Moz’s tools still compete with the new industry leaders?

What is the purpose of Moz Pro?

Moz Pro has a full set of SEO tools for small businesses that want to manage their organic search from one place. If you work as a freelancer, you’ll also find a lot to like at Moz Pro. Some tools let you use them for free for a limited time. 

If you run a big business, you may still want to buy a Moz Pro package to use the platform’s most important features, like Keyword Explorer and Link Explorer. On the other hand, Moz Pro may not be detailed enough to manage large domains. It does a good job covering SEO basics, but it doesn’t detail technical SEO as it does on link analysis and keywords.

The characteristics of Moz Pro

Moz Pro has a lot of features. Below, we list the best Moz tools.

The Keyword Explorer

Moz Pro is very good at making the SEO landscape easy to understand for many people. Moz Keyword Explorer does a good job when it comes to keyword research. Many SEO data is used to figure out metrics that will be important to marketers, like how many people saw a certain ad. Many things are shown in the tool, such as what a search query is, how hard it will be to rank for it, and what other queries you might want to think about.

There is also a Priority score for each keyword you enter, showing how important it is to you. This helps you figure out how important the keyword is for your business. A Primacy score close to 100/100 would mean that the keyword has many people searching for it, a high CTR (click-through rate), and not many other people competing. By adding more information about your business, you can change this. 

This is called “My Score” by Moz. A tool like this checks to see if a keyword is relevant to your goods and services. It’s a difficult task, and no metric can prove such a subjective idea, but it shows that Moz Pro cares about what its customers want from an SEO tool.

A source keyword will be taken, and new topics will be suggested to target, which you can then add to your keyword list and keep track of over the long term. This tool now has more data after buying STAT Search Analytics in 2018. In the Moz Pro suite, a Keyword Explorer tool is what most people will be interested in. If you want to find keywords for your website, this is one of the best tools.

Explorer of Links

Moz’s Link Explorer has an index of more than 40 trillion links so you can get a detailed look at your site’s backlinks here. This is a great way to keep track of new links and brand mentions, which will help you figure out how your site is doing in the search engines. These insights also help with content planning and link-building. 

Unlike SEMrush and SpyFu, Moz Pro doesn’t have tools to help you manage link outreach as those two tools do. The Moz link building suite is simple, but it takes more time for new users to learn than Keyword Explorer. Moz has come up with metrics like Domain Authority and Page Authority, which may be unfamiliar to new users. The strength of a domain and its pages can be judged by how well it’s known and how well it’s done. 

A link from a high-authority site will give your site more SEO value than a link from a low-authority site. People use them to choose backlink targets, even though they don’t show how Google thinks about each site. Link Explorer can also look for new links on competitor domains. A high-authority site likely links to most of your competitors. In this tool, there are a lot of visuals that can help you see these changes.

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Crawl the site

To be successful at organic search marketing, you need to know how to do things like technical SEO. If Google can’t crawl and list your content, it won’t be able to show your pages to people who search for them. Moz Pro has a site crawler that can be used for both spot checks and regular crawls. It doesn’t go into great detail with specialist technical SEO tools, but that’s not what it’s there for.

Moz Pro Site Crawl will show you a lot of serious technical problems, like response code errors, missing title tags, and faulty redirects. To improve SEO, you should fix these mistakes. This tool will be very useful to Moz Pro customers. Links to guides and tips are great for people who haven’t done technical SEO changes before. Many of the recommended fixes come with links to those guides and tips.

If your business has a lot of complicated domains, you’ll want to use Moz Pro with a dedicated technical SEO crawler. Most businesses will be fine with Moz Pro. It also has automated alerts that let you know when your domain’s status changes significantly.

Moz Pro’s Advantages

Moz Pro is easy to use for people who have never used it before. It has a lot of powerful tools, some of which are free for a limited time. The Keyword Explorer and Link Explorer are great, and they’re getting better and better all the time. Moz Pro’s educational content is well-thought-out and still the best in the field. The MozBar Chrome extension is also great.

Moz Pro’s simplicity of usage

The main interface for Moz Pro is clean and easy to figure out how to get around. It can be different in other places, with tools like Open Site Explorer giving different experiences even though they are part of the Moz Pro suite. A Chrome extension called MozBar is great because it brings all of the tools from Moz Pro into your browser. As you browse, data is shown on Google search results.

Anyone who wishes to study more about organic search should get the Moz SEO toolbar. As a whole, Moz Pro is one of the most easy-to-use tools for people who want to get a general idea of important SEO metrics. On the other hand, Moz Pro doesn’t seem to work together as well as Ahrefs and SEMrush.


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