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Top 8 Best Clickbank Alternatives
Top 8 Best Clickbank Alternatives

Clickbank Alternatives: There’s a good reason people think Clickbank is one of the best places to buy things. But if you want something with different commission models or a more powerful system, there are other platforms. You can check out some of the best Clickbank replacements in this list.


JVZoo is a website like Clickbank that sells digital goods. They have a lot of different categories for people to put their products in. The process of looking for a product on JVZoo isn’t too hard. You can use keywords, categories, and subcategories to find the right advertising product.

In addition, the search dashboard shows you how many people return products, how much each product costs, and how much the seller gets paid for each one. JVZoo uses a lot of funnels in its marketing. When permitted to promote the main product, you can also promote all of the other products in the sales funnel. This gives you the chance to make more money and sell more things.

CJ Affiliate Network

If you’re looking for another one that’s been around for a long time, look no further than CJ Affiliate. Besides, it’s part of a Fortune 500 company, which helps explain how big it is. Like most other portals, signing up is free, and commissions can vary depending on the product being advertised. You must have a balance of at least $50 to be paid out via the direct deposit. Checks must be at least $100. Within 20 days following the finish of the month, payments are made.

MaxBounty – Personal Favorite

This is mostly a CPA network, but there are also over 2,000 offers that you can promote on this site. Like many others, the platform is free, but there is an application process you must go through before you can use it, like many others. Affiliate managers can also help you come up with a strategy. They pay their affiliates every week and give bonuses to those who do well. International campaigns also give you a wide range of countries from which to get traffic.

As you can see, there is a lot more to the application process than some people think. A website is a good idea, but it’s not required. It’s important to know when you will get a site or why you don’t need one. It would be supported if you also created a plan for how you will use the campaigns that are out there. An English ID and a Skype account are also important. Start making money with Max Bounty Now!

Rakuten Advertising

Another big name in the affiliate space is Rakuten, based in Japan. It used to be called Linkshare, but Rakuten is different because it focuses on high-quality products rather than quantity. Sephora, Jansport, JetBlue, and more are some brands that make clothes. There are a lot of different categories that you can use for your website, no matter what kind of niche you choose.

To be able to promote a product on Rakuten, you have to be approved for every single one of them first. If this is the case, you might not be able to promote all the products you want to sell. So if you already have some experience with affiliate marketing, I think Rakuten is a good place to start because it will help your chances.

Market Health

I like this one because it’s for a very specific group of people, But it’s important to mention because Market Health has a good name on the internet. It only sells health products, so you can find what you need here if your website is about health, beauty, or fitness. This is a great platform for people who want to promote health-related products. It is easy to sign up for and easy to use. It also has a lot of different ways to track things, and these methods change depending on what you buy.

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Amazon Associates

As one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon has a great affiliate program, and it’s just as big as the rest. Amazon Associates is a good alternative to Clickbank for people who want to buy more products. 

There are some downsides to this, but it’s worth it in the long run. Because the network is so big, the commission rates are lower than those of other sites. And there is a 24-hour window in which your friends need to buy something for you to get paid. Like most people, it’s best to have a well-known website already to get in. But once you do, bringing in Amazon’s good name can help your business grow naturally.


Many people use ShareASale instead of Clickbank because it’s easy to sign up and has a lot of partners. Because ShareASale has physical and digital goods, it is better than Clickbank. When this was written, they had more than 15,000 brands in all sectors. They pay out all commissions each month in regular installments. ACH, check, or direct deposit are the main ways people get paid. They pay you depending on the brand, but it’s mostly based on their money.

So, these are any of the best alternatives to Clickbank for people who want to be affiliate marketers. You can expect to start seeing real results from marketing in about six months. Researching which products fit into your niche can help, though. There is a lot of information to take in, but you have plenty of choices. As extended as you have the correct tools, affiliate marketing can be a good way to make money on top of what you already do.

GlobalWide Media

People who use GlobalWide go in a different direction than those using other Clickbank alternatives on this page. It used to be called Neverblue. It is one of the majority of CPA networks. They have a good reputation, but that doesn’t stop them from making a few other models. People can choose from a lot of different types. These can include things like cars, food, and more. They have the usual ways to pay (Paypal, Direct Deposit, etc.) and often send out payments.

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