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Website Development

What Website Development is, to put it simply, is the development of a website. Website Development can have many different meanings or applications depending on who you talk to. Website development could be developing a social media platform such as Twitter and Facebook, which would require a whole other set of skills not specific to Website Development.

This could also be the development of a mobile application allowing you to use your TwitterApp on your iPhone and is usually carried out using a programming language, although Website Development doesn’t strictly have to be programming based (more on that later).

The different parts consist of Website Design and Website Coding. Website design generally refers to making sure the website works properly aesthetically – making it look nice (the pretty part) and providing it with functionality such as back buttons or search bar’s etc. Website coding refers to telling the website how many pages there are, where each page is located, what content should go in each page, and other information that is used by the browser to view webpages online.

Web Development For Developers

Web Development can also involve creating software for servers, databases, web applications and other things which end users may never see. This can be a very creative process and developers have to consider technical details along with design ideas so they don’t upset the flow of a website, this is particularly important for Website Designers as Website Developers have to not only think about what looks good but also how it will work from a programming perspective. Website designers should generally have skills such as graphic design, user interface design, information architecture, and content management systems.

Website Development In Every Profession

Website Development can also involve anything from blogging websites such as WordPress or Tumblr, photo sharing sites such as flickr or Deviantart, online shops which requires ecommerce functionality such as Ebay or Amazon through to Online Portals which provide a vast amount of data to users across different platforms – news websites such as the BBC, Wikipedia or LinkedIn are all examples of Website Development. Website development can also be sub-divided into different types of Website Development which Website Designers and Website Developers may specialize in.

Importance Of Web Development

Website Development can actually involve many different skillsets – which is why it’s so broad! Website developers use programming languages to tell websites how they should look or behave depending on certain input or events. Websites are created using HTML (which stands for HyperText Markup Language), JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). The most frequently used programming languages are HTML, JavaScript, PHP (often known as PHP), Python, and C#.

Database systems are often used by website developers to store complex information within Website Development projects. Website Designers need to know how their information is stored and Website Developers use things such as MySQL or MSSQL (which stand for MySQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server respectively) to store this data, often these databases will be used with programming languages such as PHP (or others mentioned earlier in the article). Web site development necessitates the usage of Website Designers who have a thorough understanding of user experience design concepts.

Web Development can involve many different skillsets; Website designers may specialize in Website design and UX (User Experience) while Website developers will specialize in website coding and database management.

Now you can see why website builders have become so popular. You can read all about those in our other post here.

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